Friday, September 11, 2009

K...2nd post..

K.....2nd post....

So yesterday I was thinking how we need magazine for us Asian girls...and well I know there are magazin
es that are available toward this type of market in Asian countries but they don't have a zine that's available for 1st generation or 2nd generations etc....

There are so many zines that are targeted toward Caucasian women in the mass market but don't see any for specific groups. If there are can someone let me know?

Make ups or hair styles that are featured in mass magazines sometimes don't suit us. For example, they might have bigger eye sockets and their eye makeup tips might not be
useful for us :(

Other magazines that are produced in Asia such as ViVi, Non-no, Ceci...yes they are for the Asian women but they are for the women in their own countries. We can deff. make use of those but some of the fashion tips might not work in where we live. I know this other blogger Fuz was thinking of making a magazine toward Asian women and I think it's a great idea. (even though she was targeting toward beauty) but it could venture out to other parts. I would love to be part of it if I was given the chance.

Also I realized there are so many online shops, buyers and sellers for us netizens. Very talented as well :)

Yesterday, I went out for bf's fam. dinner and that is me aft
er the shower...kinda look like a boy....haha

and another pic after. Yes I usually wear glasses and currently I am in love :) with my no-name glasses that I purchased in Korea~

And my last pic is my old hair w/blonde w/blk roots yyuck haha

After that me
and my sis watched 2 dvd's...Gran Turino (v.good movie) and Watchmen(diff. kind of superhero movie). Watchmen has some deeper meanings but not exactly sure what. I am gonna google or naver it~

Tonight going to bf's fam. dinner
again and going out :D

My friend's dad passed away recently and may him and 9/11 victims rest in peace...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My first blog EVER!!!

Wowwww!! My first blog EVER!!!

I am very new to this. I am making this because I was inspired by other bloggers. Also keeping a diary will be helpful tracking things with my life. I had diaries when I was younger but stopped when I went into highschool. I used to have AA haha (yes I am old) but forgot how to do anything anymore T^T Now I am creeping into my late 20's and time is going by soooo fast to keep track of things. I will write and share about fashion, beauty, music, family, friends and anything else that are going around or rather interesting (in my POV) in my life. I hope this becomes private because I feel kind of shy doing blogging because it is available ONLINE haha

I am not super diligent so I hope I don't forget about this in the future T^T

I am soooooooo new to this and techno-tarded(made up word XD)